As Christians, there are countless benefits that come with living for God and being adopted into His family.

One of those great benefits is we now get His Grace.

Grace simply means we have God’s undeserved, unearned favor. It’s just on our life. Simple as that, we have favor.

One definition of God’s Grace is: “God’s ability working on the inside of us, making us able to accomplish that which we could never do on our own.”

How does that translates into finding your spouse?

We get to marry up. We get to have wives and husbands that are more amazing, better looking, and more perfect than we have ever dreamed! (or than we deserve!)


God’s Grace means we get to marry our Wendy “Peffercorns”

Now I am writing this section mainly from a males point of view. (Simply because I am one) but this applies to male and female the same. I have also had the help of my amazing wife in writing these chapters as well. And trust me, you want to hear what she has to say…

Sometimes I look around that the men in my life and my jaw drops. Every single one of them has married beautiful, amazing, funny, kind-hearted, God honoring women.

And trust me. They don’t deserve these women. They all have married up (some of them big time!) and the ONLY way this could have possibly happened, is God’s Grace.

They are all amazing men of God who are planted in the local Church, don’t get me wrong here. They live for God, honor God in all areas of their lives, and seek His instruction.

They didn’t go out and try to “make marriage happen” in their own strength.

No, they stayed faithful to God, and they kept serving, they put God first in their lives, and God brought them their amazing wives.

The same with the ladies, they stayed faithful and God hooked them up with their Knight in Shining Armor.

That’s what God did for me. I actually knew my wife before she was my wife. I had no idea she was God’s best for me. I just thought she was a friend in our circle.


And at just the right time, God opened my eyes and there before me stood the most gorgeous, sexy, strong, funny, smart and confident woman of God I had ever laid eyes on.

And IF you follow what I did, and what they did, you will marry “God’s best” as well, and I guarantee that person is even better looking, more fun, and more amazing than you ever dreamed about!

But there are a few key lessons that will help you out until God reveals your spouse to you.

So let’s dive into this Module and get started!

Get Happy Today!



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