How to Handle a Large

Throughout life we are going to be hit with curveballs, speed bumps, and big right hooks.

Large, unexpected expenses will occur, (in my experience, about once a year) but FRET NOT my friends.

Follow these instructions and it won’t take you out.

In fact, these “money tests” will actually propel you to the NEXT LEVEL of financial increase.

As you pass these tests, they become easier and easier. Even though the amounts go up and up, your patience, endurance, and faith becomes stronger.

You will soon reach a point where you stop freaking out, you stop stressing, you stop losing sleep, and reach a place of supernatural peace where you know, that you know, that you know, everything’s gonna be all right!

Watch the videos below to learn HOW to handle a large, unexpected expense in faith (and not sweat it one bit!)

Pt. 1:   We got hit with a $4,541 tax bill at pretty much the worst possible time. But it ain’t no thang! Here’s why:

Pt. 2:   Learn the scriptures to stand on and activate during the “waiting” time.  You’ll also learn the method God usually uses to meet your financial needs.

I know these videos will build your faith and help you win the next time a “money test” comes your way!


I waited two weeks to post Part 2. I wanted to wait until all our bills were paid and we were out of the situation before reporting on it:

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