Financial Increase.

It’s not greed, it’s growth.

As in all areas of life we need to be growing. What you must realize is that financial increase is a spiritual matter.

Remember how we learned that poverty is not a money problem, it’s a spiritual problem. It’s a lack of knowledge problem.

We know that God wants us to increase, Jesus told us Himself that He came to give us life in abundance! (John 10:10) So let’s let Him do what He came to do!

I receive that abundant life, and let’s make sure you do too!

But in order to do grow and get ahead financially, there are some things we have to know and some things we will have to do.

We will cover everything needed (including some personal stories of this in action) to make this happen in your life.

So put increase on your mind, your heart, your lips and turn your faith for financial increase up to the next level!

Let’s Go! 


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