How to Punch a Cold in the Face (1)

Let’s be real.

Sometimes we feel like crap, but we still gotta go to work.

So what do we do? We soldier up, grit our teeth and keep taking ground. We don’t have time to get taken out by cold symptoms, we got stuff to do and a life to live!

So today I’ve got some tips for you on how to beat cold symptoms if they should ever dare to try and come upon you.

This post is a little different than my others but I think you will like it.

*Disclaimer: I ain’t no doctor! I’m just telling you what I do and what works for me. You’ll have to read the back of the box for yourself.

Symptoms: Throat burns like it’s on fire, your lymph nodes are swollen and it hurts to talk.


Your throat feels like the desolation of Smaug.

Remedy: Gargling hot saltwater will definitely help if it’s a minor sore throat, but if you need to kick it into high gear, give this a try:

I have a special “tea” I found on Tim Ferris’ website that really does wonders. It tastes like a kick to the back of the throat, but the results are amazing.

We will call it the “Anti-Cold Concoction.” You’ll need to run to the store and grab Ginger Root, and an Orange.

Step 1: Get fresh ginger and the orange rind (peel) from one orange, preferably organic or…not. I honestly don’t check.


This weird thing is ginger.

Step 2: Cut the ginger into small pieces and mash them down with the side of a large kitchen knife.



Step 3: Bring water to a low boil in a small pot and insert ginger pieces. Wait 20 minutes. Note: to help relieve the muscular pains that often come with a cold or flu, you can run a hot bath or shower during this 20 minutes,  before coming back to the kitchen for step 4.

Step 4: Add the orange peel sections to the boiling water and wait an additional 10 minutes. (And then maybe eat the orange, Vitamin C is good!)


*Warning, don’t chop your fingers off. It makes things worse.

Step 5: Strain the water out (leaving the ginger and orange peel in the pot) and drink up!  Like I said, this concoction will feel like a kick to the back of the throat, but afterward you will thank him for not going easy on you.

Symptom: Nose is completely stuffed up, hard to breathe, but you need to sleep because you got work in the morning. 

punch drunk 003

We’ve all been there.

Remedy: Your best friend in this situation is going to be this little guy, Zicam. It’s like a Jedi light saber up your nose.


Obi Wan passed this remedy down to me himself.

So now it’s bedtime and the Jedi nose-saber has been applied, you’re going to want the best and most sleep possible if you want to get rid of these symptoms quickly. The next piece of equipment is in fact the essence of “function over fashion” but let me introduce you to the Nose Strip.


Why didn’t I think of that?


I mean it makes perfect since. A strip that opens your nose up wider. Pure genius. I’ll tell you what though, they work. You’ll be breathing sweet and free in no time.

Obviously make sure you go to bed early. I’m talking like 8:30-9:00pm. You want to get as much rest as possible. Knock back a swig of Nyquil if it will help to ensure a deep, restful, sleep.

Now, when you wake up the next day, it’ll probably be early, this is good. I like to take a really hot shower and blow my nose like crazy while I’m in there. (Don’t judge me) If needed, after the shower, I’ll use the Zicam and get my nose cleared out. You can then go and reheat our anti-cold concoction from last night. I usually just keep it in the pot and turn the stove back on until the water boils again.

Next I usually drink one cup of coffee. I feel like the caffeine really does wake my body up and gets me up and going. I’ll also kind of jump-around and get my body moving, maybe do a couple of jumping jacks.

After that I make sure I’m very well hydrated. You’ll need to drink A LOT of water. Seriously. I’ll drink several bottles of water before I go to work and make sure I bring one or two with me.

download (2)

This much water.

I’ll grab some Emergen-C as well. Have one before work and one near lunch time. It has 1000% your daily needed Vitamin C dosage. Which sounds like a lot, and makes me feel cool after I drink it.



Another product I recommend if your throat still hurts at work:

download (3)

I’ve found this flavor works the best for me.

If things get rough and you need a real boost, I’ll take a 5-hour energy (the knock-off brand at Walmart is just .88 cents and works just as well!) It’s full of vitamins like B-12 and will help get you through the day. (Probably just take one though)



This may sound like a lot, but by using these remedies, I have beaten the cold symptoms in as little as a day and a half.

Here are the two keys to getting well quickly:

1. I find if I keep moving and active, my body forgets that it’s not feeling well. But as soon as I slow down and get in that “I’m feeling sick” zone, the symptoms catch back up to my body. Literally keep your head held high, and your back straight. Act like you would on any normal day.  Stay ahead of the symptoms and they will be gone in no time!

2. Your WORDS and what you confess will determine how long the symptoms stay on you. In fact your words can prevent them from landing on you in the first place. Speak only positive things like this catchy little phrase I picked up from a Preacher: “I feel great, I feel fine, body now get in line!”

Never say things like “Well, looks like I’m catching a cold.” “It’s just that time of year, everyone’s getting the bug right now.” – Those are toxic phrases, do not let them come out of your mouth.

Sidenote: Your coworkers and people around WILL ask, “Are you coming down with a cold? You sound awful.” This is a trap, don’t give in and confess. Simply reply, “Nah, I’m all right,” and then just keep on walking.

Speak this whenever symptoms try to come upon you:

“Nope, I refuse to accept any symptoms from any sickness. Devil you take your hands off me, you are trespassing on God’s property and you have no power here. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and no plague shall come near where I live. (Isaiah 54:17) I command these symptoms to leave my body now in the Name of Jesus, I know that by His stripes I was healed over 2000 years ago, therefore I am still healed today and refuse to accept these symptoms.  I am healed in Jesus’ Name.” (1 Peter 2:24)

Repeat that over and over, build your faith up. Listen to teaching and preaching about healing and health, Romans 10:17 tells us that hearing the Word of God brings faith. Do this and your body will fall in line with God’s Word in no time at all.

I know some of you are thinking, well doesn’t the medicine you spoke about negate your faith for healing?

No, it doesn’t negate my faith.

I don’t put my trust in medicine, I take medicine.

I put my trust in God.

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