Okay here we go.

You’re confident of who you are in Christ, you know that God has a plan for you and He’s got an amazing wife lined up far better than you ever imagined.

So now what?  Just sit on your butt and wait it out?


It’s time to get prepared, we got to get you ready!

What if you meet her today?

When you’re in Faith, you TRULY believe. So think about it, IF you truly believe your wife is on the way then you need to be ready for her today.

Don’t think years down the road, don’t think you’ll “get your act together” when you find her -No! You’re going to have to get setup for success today.

Everybody knows that if you want different results, you have to do something different.

So today it’s time for some changes. 

It’s Time to Put Away Childish Things


Christian women want to marry men.

They don’t want to marry boys.

Christian women are not looking for little brothers, they’re looking for leaders.

They are looking for their Knight in Shining Armor that will take them from the place they are at now and carry them to the next phase in life.

They want to be impressed, they want to be swept of their feet, they want to be adored.

They want to be led.

But boys can’t do that.

It takes a real man.

The difference between a man and a boy is maturity.

The way a man thinks and acts is different than the way a boy thinks and acts. A man has more knowledge in certain areas which causes him to think and act differently than a boy. He now gets different life results than a boy.

Real men put priority on things that truly matter.

Boys put priority on things that appeal to their flesh. Like video games and sleeping in.

Men who are serious about being a leader and the head of a household, get up early and pray and confess God’s promises over their lives and their future lives, they read their Bibles, they discipline themselves. They put priority on things that appeal to their spirit man.

Boys post on Instragram that they are “bored.”

Men don’t get bored, if we have free time we are getting in the Word, listening to podcasts, working out our physical bodies, or hustling on our side businesses.

Real men have progress on their minds.

Proverbs 12:11 tells us, “Hard work means prosperity. Only fools idle away their time.”

Work hard = Prosper.

Idle away your time = You’re a fool.

We have to be done with sleeping in. Life is too short (and too much fun!) to waste it sleeping. Go to bed early if you have to, but don’t sleep in, I personally believe that world-changers don’t sleep past 7:00am. (Check out the BONUS Module for help on this)

*I had a friend borrow money from me once because he couldn’t pay his rent that month. Then I found out he spends his Friday nights staying up all night playing Call of Duty and then sleeps away his Saturdays. This is immaturity. These are the actions of boys, not men.  As the scripture above says, he was idling away his time, that’s why he wasn’t prospering.

Real men are servants.

Psalm 92:13 saysThose who are planted in the house of the Lord, Shall flourish in the courts of our God.”

They are planted and serving in God’s house. That’s WHY they flourish and do well here on earth. They have their priorities straight.

They sit close to the front when in Church, they TAKE NOTES, they go over their notes and review what they learned and meditate on it. They memorize scripture and keep it handy for when it’s time to use it.

Now these things alone don’t make a man. But they are the traits that real men possess.

Real men are honorable.

They honor God with their time, their wealth, their words and actions. They honor their Pastors and teachers, their parents and their employers. They don’t talk bad about people and they work hard.

They’re never lazy or nonchalant. They put their ALL into ALL they do.

Take a minute and think about some of these things.

Are you honoring God with HOW you spend your time?

Are you honoring God with your money?

Are you honoring your future wife with how you act and speak?

What about your boss at work? He is paying you, are you honoring him or stealing his time by slacking off?

How do you treat the waitress (or waiter) when you go to a restaurant? She is serving you. Are you looking her in the eyes when you order? When she asks “Can I get anyone anything else?” Do you answer or just keep on eating? Do you leave a big tip even when your waitress is having a bad day? You should – it honors God!

Man up, and make these adjustments now.

You want to get married to the woman of your dreams. The one God has picked out for you. But remember this and NEVER forget it:

That girl you want to date is God’s daughter. 

Filter everything you do, say, and think through that lens.

If you do, then you will safeguard yourself from making mistakes. Everything you do with her will honor God.

You’ll open the door for God’s daughter, you’ll bless her with nice gifts, you’ll only say nice things to her and about her, you will honor and respect her, and you DEFINITELY won’t fool around or sleep with her – unless you marry her first 😉

Make that mindset shift now, settle it down in your spirit today, that girls are God’s daughters.

This will cause you to man up. 

Real men are planted.

Next, you absolutely HAVE to get planted in a local Church.

We use the word “planted” because that’s what you’ll have to be in order to grow, produce and flourish. (Remember Ps 92:13?)

Planted means planted. You are there for a long period of time so that your roots can grow deep and get what they need to cause you to grow big, strong, and healthy. To leave you would have to be uprooted, and that’s not easy.

The Church is the body of Christ. You become a part of that body, helping all the parts work together in order to fulfill God’s will and His plans.

Ask God to show you, pray for His direction on which Church to be a part of, this is where you will find all that you’ve been looking for: In the local Church.

I have met all of my closest friends, mentors, business partners, employers, and of course, my amazing wife, through the local Church.

And I’d like to point out that I didn’t meet any of them just by going to Church services.  Nope, I met every single one of them while serving.

I originally met my wife while helping her hang some lights for an event our Church was putting on.

I met my best friends while working at a local outreach, and before and after services setting up chairs or running cameras.

Don’t be “Church hoppers.” Get direction from God and get planted. Don’t get offended and leave, no Church is perfect, get planted, start serving, grow roots, and flourish here on earth.

This is where your life is. Get planted if you are not already.

Real men give.

I’d like to make one more EXTREMELY IMPORTANT point about being planted in the local Church and why it is vital to your success in “manning up” and getting the woman God has picked out for you.

There have been a few men in my life (some full grown adults) that just seem to barely get by financially. They always have just enough to scrape by. And these are Christian men who know the word.

I noticed this pattern in their lives and thought, “They have to be doing something wrong, I know this is not God’s will for their lives, so I asked God why do these guys still struggle financially? They’re Christians, they quote the word, how come they are still just barely getting by? Shouldn’t they have an abundance by now?

And God pointed out to me that none of these men are planted in a Church. One of them has a big family and they do “home church” instead of being plugged in somewhere. The other man and his fiance couldn’t agree on a Church they liked so they just quit going altogether. (Sidenote: that’s a BIG red flag)

But what God really wanted me to see was that, because these men are not planted in a local church, THEY DON’T TITHE.

You’ll recall that tithing is what opens the windows of Heaven above your life and causes massive blessing to be poured out on you. (Malachi 3:10 or click HERE for more on this subject)

And you put your tithe in the local Church that spiritually feeds you.

If you are not planted at a Church, you won’t truly flourish. (Psalm 92:13)

And if you are not planted at a Church, you don’t have anywhere to put your tithe. That will put in the land of “barely get by.”

IF you want to go to the next level, you have to be a tither. There is no way around it.

Malachi 3:8-9 says if you withhold your tithes and offerings, you are robbing God and he can’t bless you like He wants to.

A non-tither is fearful, you believe you have to self-preserve because God won’t do it.

Which deep down shows a distrust for God and His Word.

I would not let my daughter marry a man who would rob God and shows with his actions that he doesn’t believe God will do what He said He would do. (Harsh, but you need to hear it.)

It’s time to make some changes in your life.

These adjustments we just spoke about are necessary if you want all that God has for you.

You need to make them today.

Action Steps

Commit now to “Man Up” and get prepared to be the amazing man of God your future wife needs you to be.

This doesn’t have to be a long process, you can, and should start today. Grab a friend, your accountability partner, and hold each other to this.

Get planted in your Church, serve, tithe, get your priorities straight and make progress.

Your life is about to get REALLY good. You got this.

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