In this module you’ve learned what you need to do to mentally and spiritually prepare for your future wife.

Now, let’s get you PHYSICALLY ready.

In case you didn’t know, LOOKS MATTER. At least to some degree. It’s not everything, but it’s definitely important.

But no worries, I’m going to make it easy for you, even if you’ve never been into fashion, I’m going to show you a few resources that will help you step up your game and get those girls to turn their heads.

Along with looking sharp, dressing nice, and knowing that you look good will build your confidence,  and when you’re confident, you feel good, and when you feel good, you act good, and great things happen when you’re in that zone.

A few years ago, my wife was showing me this thing called Pinterest and I saw they had a “men’s fashion” section. I started cruising through it and thought “hey, I have clothes like that in my closet. I have a blue shirt like that one, I have grey sweater I can put over it, if I go buy some brown shoes, I could make an outfit like that guy’s.”

Next thing you know, putting together an outfit was fun. I saw it as a challenge to find a way to be creative and look sharp as well. People started to take note and began asking me questions about style and fashion.  (And the compliments started pouring in as well)

I’m going to give you a few quick resources that will help you get started. Take a look at these starter guides and then I’ll give you some website resources you can check out too.

Now remember, this isn’t about vanity. It’s about confidence and it’s about making impressions on people.

All though it can be a bummer, it’s absolutely true that people can and will often discredit you, by the clothes you wear.

On the flipside of that, when what you wear fits well, and you know it looks good – it will put a little pep in your step, and that can be a powerful thing!


You don’t have to wear a suit and tie everyday to look good. But put effort into having a great outfit even if you’re just going to rock some shorts and t-shirt.

Get some shorts that are trim and fit well. You will want to avoid loose and bagging clothing, that’s a thing of the past.

Take some tips from the style guide below. It’s a modern, sharp look. Note the pants, how they stay tight and taper down. It’s a key to the “well dressed” look.






Haircuts are a BIG deal. If your style game is on-point but you have an average haircut, it’s not going to do you any good.

The NUMBER ONE key to a GREAT haircut?

Pay more money!

I’m serious. Stop going to Super Cuts and those types of places. Your haircut should cost at least $30.

Now, as a guy, I used to pay $12 for my hair cuts. They’d take about 10 minutes and I was out of there. But then I went to a real hair stylist.

He was an expert in men’s hair, he knew how to style it based off my head shape and the style I wanted to portray. He was up on the latest trends and when I was done with my cut, I was amazed. I’d never had anything like it. I was hooked, and never went back to the cheap cuts.

At first I thought it was crazy to pay over $15 for a haircut, but there is something about an expert haircut that takes your confidence to the next level.  I guarantee once you step up your haircut level, you won’t want to go back.

Do yourself (and your future wife!) a favor and try it. Just go once. Find a hair stylist, especially if you can find one that specializes in men’s hair, and give it a shot. You’ll see what I mean.


As you go shopping, check out places like Rue 21, Forever 21, and Target.

They have clothes at a great price and most of their styles will have a nice, tailored fit.

I like Old Navy and Gap when it comes to jeans, but NOT shirts. They tend to be wide and have no taper to them. Avoid that baggy, or straight fit.

You can put together some great outfits from those stores, while not spending a ton of money.

For some more money-saving websites, check out: for some great shoes at great prices. These aren’t shoes that will last a lifetime, but you can put some style on your feet for the next year or two and save some money at the same time. has some great style as well.

Of course is going to have great deals on shoes and accessories. is a great resource and has basically EVERY question you could ever ask about men’s style answered. Head over there or search Youtube any question you have, about ANYTHING regarding men’s clothing or style and you’ll find the answers.

Put an emphasis on your appearance. Don’t obsess over it, but put effort into it.

When you look good, your confidence is strengthened.

And to women, confidence is sexy.

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