The 6th day principle.

In today’s society we have been trained to work 5 days and take 2 days off. Rinse and repeat until you’re 65 then hopefully, with the help of social security, you can retire.

The whole idea is ridiculous in so many ways, but I’ll save that for another time.

Now, in the Bible, God wanted us to have a day of rest each week. A “sabbath” is what it is referred to.

We think of Sunday as our sabbath. (In the Bible times it was technically Saturday)

But really, God implemented the concept of the sabbath, to help us. It’s a day we set aside and use to recharge, rest, and re-energize ourselves.

A day we take off (at least mentally) from work and focus on God.

This wasn’t a “rule” set in place because God wanted us to not be able to work and earn money, He put the sabbath there to HELP us.

When we take a break and lay our work aside, we will be able to be more productive and energetic the next day. This is a good thing.

That’s why as Christians, we shouldn’t dread Mondays, we like Mondays because we are rested and recharged, ready to tackle the week!

The 6th Day Principle

In the Bible, people worked six days, and rested one.hustle1

I have found, and truly believe, that if you want to GET AHEAD financially, you will have to work six days a week.

The 6th day is your increase day, your day that puts you one step ahead, you’ve spent the past five days working at your job, now you take this next day and do something that puts you over the top.

[Insert gasp here] I know, I know, your precious, precious Saturdays…

But before you get all mad and huffy and puffy, hear me out.

You’re not going to truly get ahead financially just by working a job. There are things we can do that will bring in extra income for us, our families, and our future. It will take some sacrifice and some extra work but it will be MORE than worth it.

To get ahead of our money, to get that increase we desire, we will need a side hustle.

For me personally, I learned (yes I took the time to learn – it didn’t just come naturally) how to build simple websites, and how to market and sell products online. I read books, I read blogs, I watched probably a  hundred youtube videos, and I learned a side hustle, a trade, that brings in extra income. My “get ahead” money.

And with that side hustle, from the age 26-29 it brought in an extra $60,000 for my wife and I. That’s a decent chunk of change. That right there will get you out of debt and set you up for real success.

(I wish I would have learned the 6th day principle BEFORE I was married. Can you imagine how far ahead you could get while still single!)

Now, I didn’t always have Saturdays free, so during the week I just got up an hour earlier, prayed, got in the Word, and then hustled.

A friend of mine told me that he would put his kid to sleep at 8pm, hang with his wife until 10pm, then hustle his website business until midnight. Then he’d be up at 4:30 and work on it again until he had to be at his day job at 9am. That’s impressive, that’s ambition, and that’s exactly the kind of hustle that will get you ahead and get you out of debt.

If you hustle that hard, you won’t have to do it for long. One guy would work his side hustle from 3am-6am every morning and then go to work. It was a grueling schedule but he only had to do it for 9 months. Because at that point he was bringing in 5k a month from his side business and he could quit his day job and spend more time with his family.

Your “6th day” doesn’t have to be Saturdays, it could be mornings or nights that add up to a sixth day of work each week.

I started a lawn business that brought in an extra $500 a month just mowing nights and Saturday mornings. (For a great story on this, click HERE)

Some people buy houses that need some fixing and updating. They live in them and then work on them in the evenings. Then once they are fixed up, they sell them for a profit and move on to the next bigger and better house.

What you do for your side hustle isn’t as important as what you do with the money from it.

This money is for increase. That is it’s purpose.

It’s NOT for new toys. It’s not so you can go buy a jet ski and pay $200 a month for it because now you have more money coming in.

Take this new money and start paying down your debts. Get your credit cards paid off, then get your cars paid off, then student loans, start with the smallest debt first then snowball your way up to the big stuff. You’ll be surprised at how fast this goes once you start putting your hand to it.

How to find your Side Hustle

The easiest way to find your side hustle is to start with what you already know, or what you’re already good at.

Can you play guitar? Teach some youth kids at Church. Teach lessons for $25 per 30 minute session. Get two kids and thats $50 an hour!

Good at math? Tutor a few extra hours per week.

A friend of mine is into health and fitness. He started a workout class that mixes God’s word and getting in shape.

Another friend is into filming and photography. He started filming football games for local teams and it grew into a media empire!

Have a lawnmower? Buy a weedeater and start knocking on some doors and mowing some lawns. Grab a friend and start a business.

Bottle your Grandma’s secret BBQ sauce and start selling it.

Crafty? Make stuff and sell it on etsy.com

Like computers and techy stuff? Use weebly.com or WordPress and build websites for people. It’s extremely easy, and in very high demand.

The possibilities are endless.

If you already have a talent or skill, ask yourself how could I use this to get ahead?

Find out who needs your services and help them.

Or if you have a passion about something, find out what you need to learn in order to make it a business.

Take the time to read, learn, and grow in your hustle.

I’m telling you, this gets exciting. Don’t see this as a bad thing or a negative.

What if your side hustle becomes your full time business and ends up making you millions?

Or maybe it gets you out of your day job and doing something you enjoy.

It could pay for college or it could pay your house and car off.

Don’t rule it out, it is VERY possible.

Action Steps

Do a simple Google search on side businesses and start getting ideas. See what others have done and see if you can do them too.

Check  yourself and take a count of stuff that you are already good at.

Ask God for guidance and direction. Ask Him to show you what your side hustle could be and let’s get after it.

I learned how to run online businesses when I was 26, but I very well could have been 16.

It makes no difference, all I lacked was knowledge.

So start today. Don’t be lazy in this, find out what you can do on your “6th day” and watch your life increase.

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